ER SAI Caspian Contractor LLC celebrating the first contractual mile stone, the load out and sail away of the first rack 309 of priority 1A.
On 11 November 2014, the consortium of Ersai Caspian Contractor and DSME Kazakhstan was awarded the Tengizchevroil contract to construct 75 module pipe racks with a total weight of 52,000 tons.

On 8 December 2014, there was a project kick-off meeting between the parties, where all preliminary activities were discussed and launched. These activities included yard upgrades, welding procedures and preparation of all project documentation.

For Ersai Yard, the module fabrication project is the biggest project that the company has ever been awarded. The yard therefore required numerous upgrades, including the design and installation of new paint facilities, installation of a new CNC drilling machine, extension of the jetty, and procurement of several items of equipment.

Finally, in September 2016 a dedicated Tengizchevroil management delegation conducted the ‘cut steel review’. The outcome was positive, and Tengizchevroil management authorized Ersai to start prefabrication activities.

All the work has been carried out to schedule, with a production rate of 800 prefabricated tons a month. In spite of some engineering changes being introduced, in January 2017 Ersai began erecting the first priority 1A rack in accordance with the schedule.

Due to the fact that 45 racks had to be erected simultaneously, Ersai had to extend the erection area in order to keep to schedule.

To maintain the pace and ensure sufficient supply, 1,200 tons of piping were produced per month, and an area equal to the size of a football pitch was coated each week.

As the project moved forward and the level of activity increased, there was a need to make use of a new area of the yard to accommodate the erection of 45 racks at peak. In the meantime, in February 2018, Ersai pulled off another important achievement, passing 5 million man-hours without an Lost Time Injury.

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