About Us

ERSAI was founded in November 2003 as Kazakh Company by merging capabilities of Kazakhstani business group ERC Holdings having 50% shares (a limited liability partnership established under the laws of Kazakhstan) and Saipem International B.V. having 50% shares (ENI Group Company), that has huge Saipem Group worldwide experience and capabilities in offshore & onshore construction and installation and capabilities.

ERSAI has its registered office in Almaty, administrative office in Aktau, representative office in Atyrau, industrial facilities in Kuryk village of Mangistau Region (ERSAI Caspian Yard) that based in a shore area of about 220 hectares located in Mangistau region, Karakia District, Village of Kuryk, 70 kilometers to the south of Aktau city. All the works carried out by ERSAI are attributed to work performed in Kazakhstan.

ERSAI operates being guided by the international experience of Saipem, its technologies and standards, gained at the construction of about a hundred of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, building of over sixty thousand kilometers of pipelines; construction and installation of numerous platforms and supporting submersible structures; enabling it to provide services in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, through the execution of projects of considerable complexity.

Today ERSAI is one of the leading companies in Country fully equipped with all type of cutting, beveling, welding and painting equipment and crane up to 1000 tons lifting capacity which can provide very large range of services to the Customers.

tough projects in safe hands