Our mission in ERSAI is to be the Contractor of choice for marine and energy companies in the Caspian area. We combine flexibility with reliability, excelling in the safe and sustainable timely delivery of the toughest challenges onshore and offshore: project organization and management; procurement and logistics services; engineering, construction, commissioning, maintenance, modernization, installation of equipment, units, facilities and vessels; shipbuilding; port and marine vessels management; waste management.


Our vision in ERSAI is to build a solid local company with a world class reputation and with highest standards, meeting the present and future needs of demanding clients and challenging markets, talented employees and growing community. That’s why we invest every day in talent, trust, technology and teamwork.



We develop and reward individual talents –growing high performing people.


We support our teams with leading technology, advanced tools and the most effective and efficient working methods – becoming better and safer.


We integrate our talents into multicultural teams – valuing differences and sharing goals.


We earn the trust of our clients, our colleagues and our community – meeting their needs.

tough projects in safe hands