Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Load-out and Transportation of Topsides for EP Clusters 2, 3 (2013-2016)

Kashagan Field Development Experimental Programme

The Scope of Work includes detailed design, for EPC2, EPC3 and EPC4 Topside Production Manifold Modules, procurement of materials, fabrication, load-out and transportation of EPC2 and EPC3 Topside Production Manifold Modules (KASHAGAN Field).

Man-hours: 2,829,352


Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company N.V.

Tonnage: 3,000 t

no. Of Personnel at Pick: 738

Weight of Mechanical Equipment installed: 1,216 t


  • Sampling System
  • Well Head Switching Unit
  • Chemical Injection Package
  • Well Annulus Gas Sampling System
  • 6” and 18” HIPPS System
  • Pig traps 6” and 20”
  • ICSS Integrated Control and Safety System
  • Navigation Aids System
  • Fire and Gas System
  • Telecommunication System
  • Medium and Low Voltage System

All the instrumentation and electrical panels have been included in an air conditioned Local Electrical/Instrument Room.

The Modules have been fully tested and commissioned in the fabrication yard.

In addition to the hydro test, the Helium/Nitrogen Leak test has been performed on all the process lines and valves.

Load out
Sail Away

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