Major Maintenance Service Contract(2013-2019)

In 2013 ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLC started execution of contract signed with North Caspian Operating Company B.V. for Major Maintenance Service to NCOC facilities (Onshore & Offshore) including mechanical, electrical, instrumental and winterization maintenance activities.

Project duration — 16 June 2013 to 16 December 2019 (6 year & 6 months)

Kashagan field is the biggest hydrocarbon discovery since the late 1960s and the first large scale offshore petroleum development in Kazakhstan.

Kashagan extends over a surface of 75 X 45 kilometers, around the size of greater London (UK). The Kashagan field is located in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan, approximately 80 km from the town of Atyrau. Challenges are the high pressures up to 800 bar and high (up to 15%) H2S content. The water depth in the development area is less than 4 m and ice bound during the winter season. The Caspian Sea is subject to seasonal and annual water level changes, in addition to being an environmentally sensitive area.

The field life is approximately 40 years reaching a plateau of 1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Kashagan has approximately 35 billion barrels of oil in place and reserves of over 10 billion barrels.

The project involves a unique combination of technical complexity and environmental challenges and given the size and variety of operations this makes it currently one of the greatest challenges of the petroleum industry worldwide.

ERSAI will execute Major Turnaround (Onshore & Offshore) in April-May 2019 (35 days)

Overall estimated person 3000 per day


Maintainance and provision of Support Services to NCOC oil and gas surface facilities and provision of facility specific services with no decrement to health, safety, environment and the required operational specifications, whilst:

  • Optimizing maintenance programs;
  • Meet or improve on the integrated activity plan and maintenance schedules;
  • Meet or reduce cost against estimates ensuring optimal life cycle costs;
  • Delivering Facility Maintenance & Inspection Services. An efficient, flexible, competent, skilled resource to execute the work;
  • Delivering Facility Modification Execution Services;
  • Maintenance and repair plant, equipment and facilities;
  • Executing modifications and upgrades;
  • Transfer of Knowledge to NCPOC technicians;
  • Have a competencies assurance and development process;
  • Maximize Local content.

Project Man-hours

Total Man-hours


Number of person at peak

700 (1400 with B2B)

Regular Subcontractors


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