Access to the Yard

The main advantage of ERSAI Caspian Yard is its geographical position, that allows to carry out transportation of materials and equipment to yard by all types of transport; convenient location of the yard and the availability of access roads allow the logistics of cargo for projects year-round.

Basic Purpose:

  • Load out operation for movement of heavy structures to/from construction sites in the Caspian Sea Area
  • Acceptance of necessary shipments from the sea, maintenance of marine transport vessels

Transportation of all materials and equipment to ERSAI Caspian Yard is implemented by:


Distance to main highway – 6.5 km


Own harbor area

Distance to open sea – 1600 m


Railway line inside the yard – 306 m



  • Transport flights: carriage of passengers, cargo, baggage and postal goods;
  • Flights on performance of aviation works;
  • Search-and-rescue, rescue-and-emergency, and for rendering medical care of population;
  • Location: Mangystau region, Kuryk Base;
  • Function: Reception And Release Of All Types Of Helicopters;
  • Dimensions: 20.0 х 20.5 m;
  • Description: HP-3 is a square of concrete slabs located on a flat sandy surface;
  • Max. take-off mass: Not more than 13,000 kg;
  • 24 hours services: Fire Prevention And Medical.

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