ERSAI local content strategy to develop and increase the use of kazakh goods and services is based on the following fundamentals:

  • Constant identification of potential local vendors via ERSAI procurement policy.
  • Development of potential Kazakh suppliers of goods and services by the procurement department in collaboration with projects, QHSE and other competent departments through meetings, consultations and seminars.
  • Encouragement of foreign vendors to maximize the use of local resources, including local employees, goods and services.
  • Facilitation of foreign and Kazakh companies to form joint venture partnerships, allowing for technological and knowledge transfer.

In addition to that, as minimum for its contribution to local subcontractors development, ERSAI also works with its subcontractors at their sites to ensure that their performances meets technical, HES, quality and schedule requirements.

Periodic audits are conducted to validate that all parties involved in the projects, including the local subcontractors, are in compliance with the projects requirements as per their scope of work.

To create local jobs Contractor has developed the nationalization plan that envisages training and support of local personnel. The nationalization of workforce is one of ERSAI future Local Content targets.

To promote enterprise development, ERSAI is guided by the following methods: identification of the potential local vendors, providing them an additional information, simplifying procedures or processes to make it more likely to participate in the procurement process. Our main goal in terms of Local Content:

  • Create jobs for local employees;
  • Accelerate the transfer of skills and technologies and trainings;
  • Promote enterprise development;
  • Mentoring;
  • Nationalization.

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