Piles and Flares (2005-2011)

Kashagan Field Development Experimental Programme

Company: Saipem SPA / Agip KCO

Man-hours: 1,500,000

Tonnage: 22,800 t

No. of piles: 109

No. of flares: 2

Procurement, Fabrication, Assembly and Load-out of

  • Complex D barges foundation piles
  • Flare foundation piles
  • Complex A and D flare jacket and flare tower
  • Anode claps

Fabrication and Assembly of

  • Stand jacks support frames and relative basements for storage and transportation purpose
  • Grillage and sea fastening for offshore structures
  • Pedestal mounted crane

Mechanical completion and Pre commissioning activities

The Offshore Facilities System consists of BLOCK D (Drilling Island, Riser Island and Process/Utility Facilities), BLOCK A (Drilling and Riser Islands).Among the above facilities this project consists of:

N. 45 Structural Piles 50 m long, diam. 84" / 102" (about 300 ton each).

N. 6 Flares Piles 50 m long, diam. 42" / 60" (about 50 ton each).

N. 2 Flares (1 x 350 ton and 1 x 450 ton).

N. 16 Module Barges (90 x 16 m each, about 3200 ton each).

Vessel Mooring Structures composed by N. 44 piles diameter 48", walkways, fenders, bits. etc. for a total weight of 1500 ton.

Other elements (lifted pipe racks, pedestal cranes, equipment and machineries for a total of 60 units).

Kashagan Oil Field is located in the North Caspian Sea in the republic of Kazahstan and is situated approximately 80 km. south east of the town of Atyrau. The water depth in the area is approximately 4 m. The scope of work under this project included:

  • FEED endorsement related to fabrication, load-out, transportation and installation.☼
  • Detailed design for fabrication, load-out, seafastening, transportation and installation.☼
  • Supply of materials for flares and for cathodic protection.☼
  • Assembly of piles and fabrication of the flares.☼
  • Transportation and installation of piles and flares.☼
  • Supply of material for the Vessel Mooring Structure (Module barges free issued by the Client) and assembly, fabrication, transportation/installation of the same. ☼
  • Transportation and installation of Module Barges and other elements.☼

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