Inshore Hook up

Kashagan Field Development Experimental Programme

On 15th of May, 2007 ERSAI has signed a preliminary contract for the project named “Inshore Hook-up and Commissioning”.

This project includes 10 modules that had been designed and constructed for Kashagan Oilfield, Kazakhstan in different parts of the world: Malta, Italy, Norway and UAE.

The modules were supposed to travel in to the Caspian Sea through the Volga river that however could not accommodate the dimensions of the modules as they were.

Therefore, it was decided to disassemble the modules to the basic components and send each module in a package (hull + components) to ERSAI Caspian Yard, where ERSAI contractual scope was to reinstate these modules.

On the 10 modules ERSAI has performed reinstatement works (reassemble the modules).


  • Structural welding works
  • Piping welding works
  • Electrical and instrumentation installation works
  • Mechanical works and installation of rotary machines
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning systems installation works
  • Surface treatment and insulation works
  • Fireproofing Works
  • Heat Tracing works
  • Pressure test up to 1200 bars
  • Pre-commissioning and preservation .


Operating personnel man-hours at Kuryk 2,493,048

Total man-hours worked including Project Management, Engineering 3,231,713

No. of Personnel at pick 850


  • HVAC thermo-venting fan unit
  • Combustion air intake systems
  • Ventilation outlet systems
  • AC generator air intake systems
  • Condensing local units
  • Seal gas system

Module 1

Raw Gas Injection

Module 2

Raw Gas Injection

Module 3

Flash Gas Compression

Module 4

Flash Gas Compression

Module 5

Oil Separation

Module 6

Gas Dehydration, Glycol Regeneration

Module 8

Power Generation

Module 16

Flash Gas Compression

Module 18

Oil Separation

Module 20

Gas Dehydration, Glycol Regeneration

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