General Information


ERSAI Caspian Yard occupies the total area of 2,200,000

According to the General plan of ERSAI Caspian Yard it is anticipated to divide territory of the whole site into areas, which are defined according to functional usage, process requirements, sanitary-hygienic and firefighting standards.

The following areas are distinguished at the ERSAI Caspian Yard:

  • Harbor area
  • Fabrication area (covered production area, outdoor erection area, Surface protection area)
  • Utilities and services area
  • Warehouses
  • Maintenance area
  • Offices area
  • Accommodation & leisure area

Overall area: 2,200,000 sq.m

Overall office area: 9,500 sq.m

Overall production area: 45,000 sq.m

Utilities and services area: 173,000 sq.m

Other yard areas: 646,000 sq.m

Distance to national railway line: 4 km

Distance to main highway: 6.5 km

Distance to closest international airport: 100 km

Average annual temperature: 15 °C

Average annual rainfall: 1 inches

Overall Electrical power supply: 1 MW V

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