filanovsky – tmb-upgrading works (2013)

Activities of engineering, procurement, construction and installation, including the following:

  • Pre-fabrication works of structural components for basement and barge reinforcement;
  • Pre-fabrication and installation of walkways, grillages, handrails and stairs;
  • Modification and installation of 2 off towing booms;
  • Winches installation C/W basement pre-fabrication and positioning on deck;
  • Containers refurbishment with pre-fabrication of support and containers installation;

  • Deck plants (sewage, fresh water, fuel, FI-FI) design, procurement and installation;
  • Umbilical chutes pre-fabrication and installation,
  • Crawler crane installation, C/W reinforcement, sea-fastening and boom reset;
  • Water jetting plant pre-fabrication and installation,
  • Mud-line pre-fabrication and installation;
  • GES set installation;
  • Boat loading modification;
  • Trenching spread installation support (machines deck stand fastening, various items installation etc);
  • Diving spread loading and installation on the barge;
  • Barge general steel works for reinforcement, supports installation, equipment interacting on barge.

filanovsky – supply of 2 x 84" followers (2013)

  • Provide all materials;
  • Provide services and items necessary to engineer, design, manufacture, test, inspect, paint, coat, mark, protect, transport and deliver 84" FOLLOWERS
  • Provide detailed fabrication drawings based on Contractors’ general assembly drawings, as well as fabrication tolerances, NDT and welding requirements

84” followers are required for the IFP-1 and CPP Substructures piles driving at the V. Filanovsky field, Russia.

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