Pre-school education development

Implementation of the Pre-school education development project in Kuryk – final stage.

The “Growing Together!” Program to improve pre-school education, developed by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia with the support of ERSAI LLC, has been implemented in Kuryk, Mangistau region since 2013.The program is aimed at the personal development of the child and his preparation for school through the following activities:

  • Improve the professional qualifications of kindergarten staff to effectively meet the needs of children in development, socialization and education;
  • Strengthen partnership between parents and kindergartens through the involvement of parents in the educational process;
  • Ensure the introduction of modern methods of child development and methodological content of kindergartens (educational materials for educators and parents, developing materials and equipment for children).

The program covers seven kindergartens of the village, in which nine "Step by Step" groups and 5 Montessori offices are open. Within the framework of the program, local experts on Montessori method and Step by Step technology have grown, who successfully teach kindergartens in Mangystau region.

You can see the results of this project in this video.

School education development

The “Learning Together” program for school education is multi-step and multi-component. The program aims at the holistic development of school students and the addition of certain skills to the school program:

  • Improving the qualifications of teachers in general education programs and in preparation for the National Testing Examination,
  • Improving the vocational guidance program in schools through advanced training of psychologists and technology teachers,
  • Conducting developmental vocational guidance camps for students in grades 9-11,
  • Improving the socio-psychological atmosphere in schools.

The program covers 3 secondary schools, 1 elementary school and the Regional Sanatorium Boarding School.

You can see the results of this project in this video.

Basketball School League in Mangystau

Since 2008 ERSAI Company has been a regular financial supporter of the School League and has been providing assistance to this day in the development of mass sports in the region. Over these 10 years, more than 6,000 children have gone through the school league. The purpose of the company is justified, because when playing basketball, schoolchildren train willpower, endurance, ability to overcome difficulties, ability to work in a team. This is what helps them to achieve success in adult life. In 2018, the subcontractors of ERSAI

  • Ligabue and Kazpromdiagnostika supported project financially

Support of Youth Football

Implementation of the project "Kazakhstan League of Children and Youth Football" in cooperation with the Foundation "Zhas Kyran". Supported by ERSAI partners: Sitek Caspian LLP, DSL Caspian LLP.

ERSAI Scholarship program

In the field of education support, since 2009, ERSAI has been successfully implementing a program to provide educational grants for youth of from Kuryk village. Students who have successfully graduated from university are currently working in various departments of the company. The project has assisted to more than 30 people.

JAN-DEC: Support of talented children

Supported the specialized regional physics and mathematics boarding school No. 5 for gifted children in South Kazakhstan in building a dormitory for teachers. The project executor is the Nurlan Kapparov Foundation.

From 2017 till present:
Swimming sessions for children

On a regular basis, children of the Kuryk village visit the swimming pool located on the territory of the ERSAI production base, where experienced trainers teach children to swim.

On this video you can watch the swimming competition among Kuryk children attending the swimming pool at the ERSAI base.

Support of children with special needs

The project for the support of children with special needs together with the Dara Foundation

2018 – Opening of psychological and pedagogical service center for children with developmental peculiarities in Aktau and the first children’s inclusive street playground in Kuryk village. 2016 – Opening of psychological and pedagogical service center for children with development peculiarities in Kuryk village.

In January 2014, the Dara Foundation, with the support of Ersai, launched a project called Ulasu, which was specifically designed to improve the educational, medical and cultural environment for children of Kuryk village, including children with special needs.

According to the survey conducted by the Foundation, there are areas in the village that require attention and directly affect the quality of educational and medical services provided to children, such as the absence of doctors, specialists in certain faculties (pediatric neuropathologist, pediatric cardiologist, speech therapist, defectologist, etc.), and also lack of facilities / sections for the development of children with developmental disabilities.

Within the framework of the project, the best achievements of the Foundation’s programs are used to transfer experience and increase the potential of the local community. The link with experts and experts between various projects of the Fund has been established. The objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of children of the Kuryk village through organizing children's leisure, ensuring children's access to medical services, as well as increasing the level of knowledge of the teaching staff.

Within the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Training a local medical specialist in the basics of therapeutic massage for children with functional disabilities on the basis of a training center in Almaty, and providing free massage services for children with disabilities in the village.
  • Training and raising the skills of local school teachers in modern methods and skills for working with children with disabilities, including those with delayed development Teachers who provide training in correctional classes were familiarized with the existing educational programs for such categories of students. Educational and teaching aids for correctional classes were also purchased for the school. Local specialist trained in the specialty defectologist.
  • Art therapy course — a series of master classes for teachers and parents of children on communication with a child with special needs using art was held.
  • Sports Championship — an integrated (inclusive) sports championship in various sports between schools in Kuryk took place. Children participated in various competitions, the winners received valuable prizes and awards.
  • “Medical landing” — as a result of the visit of a group of experienced doctors and specialists from Almaty on a fully equipped “medical bus” and the provision of a free examination for more than 100 residents of Kuryk (children and adults) underwent a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Cultural events — an excursion to the capital, Astana for a group of children with disabilities, a visit to the Republican Talent Festival “Zhuldyz-ai” in Astana, as well as a film festival for the children of the village, inviting Kazakh movie stars.
  • Two workshops were opened — a mini-sewing workshop for girls and a workshop for woodwork for boys from correction classes. The workshops are fully equipped for labor training.

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