Fabrication Yard


  • Annual tonnage: 25,000 / 30,000 mt/year
  • Annual man-hours: up to 10 mln mhrs/year
  • Largest jacket: 20,000 weight (mt)
  • Largest module: 8,000 weight (mt)
  • Load out method: skid, multiwheels, cranes, floating
  • Overall covered production area: 45,320 sq.m
  • Overall outdoor erection area: 311,749 sq.m
  • Overall nr. of air-compressing stations: 5
  • feeding Fabrication area (1800CFM@10bar): 3
  • feeding dedicated production workshops: 2


Prefabrication-workshops area:

21,300 sq.m

Total quantity of prefabrication-workshops: 3

Highlight: the main prefabrication-workshop is 240m long and 70m large. It is equipped by 12 overhead cranes (4x16T, 4x32T, 4x50T), having 15.5m height under the hook. Among others, the following automatic and semi-automatic production machines are operative inside the main prefabrication workshop: oxy & plasma plate cutting machine, band saw cutting machines, beam coping machine, pipe profiling and cutting machine, plate and beams drilling machines, electro-hydraulic press 300t, T-master machine, beam welding line, etc.


  • Piping-workshops area: 7,452 sq.m
  • Exotic piping: 960 sq.m
  • Carbon steel piping: 6,500 sq.m

Total quantity of piping-workshops: 4

highlight: the main piping workshop is 72m long and equipped by 2x10T overhead cranes, having 6.6m free-height under the hook.

10 welding stations and 9 fit-up stations are located inside this workshop along with various production machines, such as the welding-column and boom with saw-unit.


  • Surface protection workshops: 17,968 sq.m
  • Painting cabins: 10,124 sq.m
  • Fire-proofing cabins: 3,200 sq.m
  • Sandblasting cabins: 2,700 sq.m
  • Automatic sandblasting machine shelter: 1,944 sq.m

Total quantity of surface-protection workshops: 9

Highlight: Ersai’s automatic sandblasting machine is equipped by 18 turbines, which guarantee a deep surface treatment of any steel element, even already pre-assembled. The inlet dimension is suitable for elements up to 3.1m width and 1.6m height, and final touch-up can be carried out inside the manual blasting chamber, which is part of the machine

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