Various open storage areas are located at Ersai Caspian Yard for an overall extension of about 65 Ha.

Some are fenced and constantly monitored by a CCTV system connected to the yard security center, others are not fenced but still monitored by CCTV system. On customer’s request, security service can be activated on special goods.

In any case, all open storages are fully accessible to transportation and lifting equipment without any soil capacity limitation, for handling goods and materials in bulk and in containers.


Storage in sheltered-condition is available for those types of goods that require special care.

Ersai Caspian Yard is equipped with various warehouse facilities for an overall extension for more than 1,5 Ha.

For those materials such as welding consumable, paints and other chemicals, air-controlled conditions are available, too. About half of the warehouses is suitably equipped for the control of the indoor air temperature and humidity accordingly to the most stringent customer’s technical specifications.

High-security storages, fenced and CCTV protected are also available inside the warehouses for special goods and materials, demanding constant monitoring.


On customer’s request, Ersai can also provide custom clearance services, taking care of the storage of the goods accordingly to the RoK Custom Authority requirements and consequent clearance process.

The custom bonded area, currently under preparation, has an overall extension of 2500 sqm, of which 10% is sheltered.

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