Nationalization strategy is closely related to Company’s strategy. Nationalization strategy reflects Company’s long-term business activities and goals. Achievement of Nationalization process and improvement of organizational opportunities in management depends not only on professional knowledge and skills development, but also depends on managerial skills and work of experience of the candidates nominated for substitution of expatriate employees.


Increase of local content in personnel is the process of systematic increase of local personnel percentage of the Company with a decrease in the percentage of expatriate employees.

The required actual ratio of national staff vs expatriate is set as “70/30”. In the upcoming future the target ratio shall be “90/10”.

Increase of local content in personnel shall be achieved by:

  • Substitutions of expatriate employees by Kazakhstani employees;
  • Reduction of positions occupied by expatriate employees;
  • Reorganization of the company's organizational structure, leading to an increase of local content in personnel.

Considering the fact, Company promotes utmost talented or high potential local employees to the managerial and expert positions. Company puts into practice new initiatives and integrative approach in personnel development to the effect of Nationalization process acceleration, knowledge and experience transfer to local employees which leads to increase of local content. Strategic approach of Kazakhstani local content growth is not important as a substitution of expatriate positions by local employees but provision of T&D to local content. It is expected that the outcome of this activity will improve the performance efficiency as well as the increase of local content in personnel with minimum operational risk for Company. Nationalization programme is not applied for migrant workers and expatriate employees who are on business mission

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