On 11th November 2014, the Consortium between ERSAI Caspian Contractor and DSME Kazakhstan was awarded by Tengizchevroil for the construction contract of 75 Pre-assembled Pipe Rack Modules (PARs) full complete with PFP coating, insulation and E&I installations, with a total weight of about 55,000 tons.

On the 8th of December, same year, the kick-off meeting relevant to all the preliminary activities was launched. These activities included a program for all the Yard upgrade works: construction of new painting facilities, increase of fabrication shops, jetty extension and new jetty provision, railway facilities with dedicated loading and cargo areas inside the Yard.

The TCO Module Fabrication Onshore project represents the major Fabrication project for ERSAI to date, involving the full Yard Departments and also ERSAI Engineering team for the activities of shop design and construction engineering. The Fabrication facilities have been endowed by many new equipment and machines including a brand new sand blasting machine, T-master for plate girder fabrication, semi-automatic drilling machines, a plasma pantograph for plate cutting.

After the preliminary phase and start-up period, on September 2016 the “cut steel review” was successfully conducted by a dedicated Tengizchevroil management delegation, authorizing ERSAI to start with the pre-fabrication works.

The project has been carried out in line with the forecast schedule, with a production rate of 800 prefabricated tons a month, and on January 2017 the first PAR Module erection started. At the end of April, 2018, ERSAI achieved the first Pipe Rack Ready for Shipment milestone and the first PAR Module was loaded-out on TCO MCV vessel and sailed away to the Area of Operations in Tengiz. A ceremony celebrated the successful achievement of the full project team at the presence of TCO, ERSAI, DSME and all subcontractors’ top management. To date ERSAI has completed 45 PAR Modules out of the 75 foreseen.

During the execution phase, TCO FGP management has decided to award to ERSAI two additional scope packages, namely: the construction of 8 Valve K-Skids and 73 Stair Towers, and the Assembly and Integration of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers into 6 Pre-assembled Process and Utility Modules (PAUs) coming from the Offshore contractor in Korea.

The project is currently in the close-out phase and the final completion is foreseen by the end of December 2019.

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