Cargo Handling &

ERSAI Harbor Area is a part of trans-shipping complex including a waterfront structure (quayside), materials handling equipment, temporary storage areas, office premises.

ERSAI offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced maritime cargo handling solutions, available with numerous purpose-planned options for every operating task, size of vessel and type of freight.

This includes a perfectly balanced range of innovative mobile harbor cranes, tower crane, gantry crane, forklifts.

Customers rely on ERSAI solutions, for high quality standards, unrivalled performance and a service network for quick response times.

Load out operations are carried out by receipt of cargo vessels, mooring & berthing along quayside. Depends on cargo vessel configuration and cargo weight a suitable Jetty will serve the purpose of standard or heavy cargo receipt operations.

  • Offloading of the cargo from vessel and loading directly to auto transport / trucks
  • Offloading of the cargo from vessel – Transportation to temporary storage area – Loading on TRUCKS
  • Offloading of the cargo – Transportation to storage area - Loading on RAILWAY

ERSAI quayside has Load-out quay (225 mt) specially reinforced and dedicated for Heavy structures.

This makes transportation of materials, ready bought appurtenances and prefabricated components extremely convenient. They can directly reach the Yard or Project location if transported on vessels or barges.


Transportation of any type of cargo within Caspian Yard is handled by different type of means of transport accordingly to weight and dimensions:

  • Forklifts
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Hydraulic multiwheel self-propelled modular transporter

Such equipment shall only be operated by ERSAI personnel or ERSAI authorized personnel.

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