Caspian Explorer Drilling Rig Barge (2011-2012)

Kazakhstan Caspian Explorer is submersible drilling rig. The Caspian Explorer is drilling barge manufactured in Kazakhstan for the first time in the history of our country. Specialists from three countries participated in its assembly. First of all, the leader in shipbuilding, the Republic of Korea. The ship's blocks were manufactured in Romania. At the end all units were delivered to Kazakhstan, to Kuryk, as ERSAI became a subcontractor for the final assembly of the drilling barge.


Name: Caspian Explorer

Designer: Friede & Goldman Ltd. Houston USA

Type: Mobile Offshore Submersible Drilling Barge

Owner: KC Kazakh Panama S.A

Registration: Panama (+ Temporary Kazakhstan) (flag)

Classification society

ABS / RMRS (Dual Class) (American Bureau of Shipping / Russian Maritime Register of Shipping)

Rig characteristics

Drilling depth capacity

6,000 m

Width & Length

2.5 to 5.5 m

Light weight

6,674 Tons


As per Cap 437 Regulations

Living quarter capacity

100 Persons

Barge size

100 m (length) X 40 m (width) X 8 m (depth)

Mud pump

1,600 HP X 2 sets

Draw work

2,000 HP X 1 set

Main generator

1,100 KW X 5 sets

Emergency generator

350 KW X 1 set

Deck pedestal crane

50 Tons X 2 sets

Mast (derrick)

Single Land Rig: 1,000,000 lbs (453 Tons)

The implementation of this project is one of the important steps in the strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development of the Caspian shelf. Until today all works on exploration and drilling of the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian shelf were carried out by barges and platforms built abroad. ERSAI Caspian Yard is one of the first production facilities of the onshore infrastructure of Kazakhstan. It successfully implements the assigned tasks to meet the needs of the North Caspian projects and hundreds of qualified Kazakhstani specialists have been trained in these high-tech oilfield services.

The joint efforts of the Kazakh and foreign specialists created the first Kazakhstan offshore drilling rig. Its launch into water marks the beginning of a new base, the preparation and implementation of the development of one of the largest oil fields. In general, the North Caspian project provides great opportunities for the industrial development of our country. Residents of the region, especially the younger generation, thanks to the implementation of such investment projects of offshore oil production, receive opportunities to get new professions. There is an opportunity to improve their skills to the international level, new work places have been creating.

The rig’s length reaches 100 meters. The width is about 40 meters. It is intended for work in shallow water (2.5–5.5 m.) with a maximum depth of wells drilling of 6,000 meters.

WORK capacity

Total man hours

825,000 (Dry dock man hours incl.) (COD: 16.06.2012)

Light weight

6,674 tons

Mechanical equipment

1,728 tons


2,866 tons


22 tons


368 tons (number of spools 3,609; test packs 269)

Steel outfitting

550 tons


575 tons


65 tons (19,000 m²)

E&I / Telecom

500 tons (164,000 m cables, 7,000 connections)

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