This drilling rig is designed for drilling at a depth of 80 meters, it can be used on the Iranian shelf, where the depth reaches 40 meters. The Jack-Up Drilling Rig (JUDR) has a width of 72 meters and a height of 64 meters, capable of drilling wells at depths of up to 6 meters. JUDR consists of a modified triangular hull with three triangular support legs. Their height is comparable to a skyscraper of 36 floors and is 119 meters, which will allow it to drill at a depth of 5 to 80 meters. JUDR has living quarters for personnel and a helipad. The total weight of the structure is 10,800 tons. 86 people can work simultaneously onboard.


Client KMG Drilling & Services LLP

Contractor Keppel Kazakhstan LLP & ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLC

Environmental requirement implementation

zero discharge

Vessel Hull number


Vessel Name


Vessel class

ABS A1 Self Elevating

Port of Registry

Aktau, Kazakhstan

Rig characteristics

Rig Weight

10,800 ton

Width & Length

64 x 72 m

Operating Water Depth

5 – 80 m

Transportation Draft

4.4 m

Max Drilling Depth

6,000 m


86 people

Rig characteristics

Cantilever Extension

18 m

Movement rotary (Center rig) towards

4.5 m

Derrick load capacity

450 m

Capacity of draw works

2,000 F.H.

Quantity and capacity of drill pump

2 psc/1,600 F.H.

Power Equipment (diesel) / capacity

4 psc/1,855 F.H.

Capacity to work at H2S


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