Future Growth Project (FGP) / Wellhead Pressure Management Project (WPMP) 3 GP PAR Installation (2018-2020)

The Future Growth Project (FGP) / Wellhead Pressure Management Project (WPMP) (Overall “Project”) is an expansion of Company’s existing facilities located in Tengiz, at Western Kazakhstan. The FGP/WPMP will add further processing, production gathering and sour gas re-injection capacity and increase production by 12 MMTPY. In addition, the FGP/WPMP will provide the means to accommodate a planned reduction in wellhead flowing pressure and thereby aid recovery of reserves.

The FGP/WPMP project is applying a modular construction design with Pre-assembled (Process and Utility) Units, namely the PAUs, and Pre-assembled (Pipe) Racks, namely the PARs, which are collectively referred to as Modules. The Modules are to be fabricated and tested outside the Area of Operations and transported to Tengiz in the Area of Operations for their final installation and Hook-up.

The Scope of Work 3GP PAR Installation onshore project comprises the receipt, installation and mechanical integration of the 3GP PARs. There are 44 PARs to be installed at 3GP.

Work includes the following activities:

  • PARs receipt at Tengiz (with support of Company’s Heavy Lift Contractor)
  • Performance of receipt inspections
  • PAR’s preparation (transportation restrains removal, pipe ending preparation) for subsequent Hook-up operations
  • PAR’s Bearing Plates setting on foundations and relevant grouting
  • PAR Setting (with support of Company’s Heavy Lift Contractor)
  • Mechanical, Structural & E&I Integration of PARs inclusive of inspections for possible damages or alteration occurred during transportation phase (with support of Company). Mechanical (Piping) integration will comprise the execution of over thousand NPTCW (non-pressure tested closure welds) along with prescribed NDE’s (PAUT-TOFD examinations) and the permanent bolting (Flange Management Sys) of almost 600 flanged joints
  • Preservation activities for all the PAR’s (piping, valves & E&I installations) throughout the duration of the Project

The expected deployment of resources for the execution of the awarded Scope will be exceeding 500 people for almost 20 months.

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