ERSAI offers a very complete line of marine repair and maintenance services. Servicing the Caspian Sea area, ERSAI has own Harbor area in the gulf of Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassk, Kazakhstan, where we can service nearly any need on any vessel. Marine, river or other type of vessels in need of repairs will be serviced by our crews with unparalleled experience

ERSAI makes use of traditional dry dock with floating gate for out of water projects and vessel repairs by providing the most efficient repair services available.

We can accommodate vessels of various sizes and configurations. Our highly trained staff will have your boat or vessel delivered back to the water as soon as possible.

Dry dock provides a confined basin that can be drained so the vessel can remain stationary in a dry environment while repairs are made. Once repairs within a dry dock are complete, the basin can be flooded once again and the vessel may return back to work.

Repairs and construction that take place in dry dock are ideal because these docks can be drained, leaving the vessel on a supportive structure for easy accessibility for repairs and construction.

Vessels We Service:

  • Inland Tugs
  • Barges
  • Offshore Supply Boats
  • Construction Vessels
  • Dredges
  • Passenger Vessels

tough projects in safe hands