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Quayside / Dry Dock


ERSAI Yard Harbor is situated in the gulf of Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassk”, which is located between Cape Peschany” from the North part of the Caspian Sea and Cape Rakushechny” from the South, in the following geographical coordinates of the approach channel:

43 * 10 '22” North & Latitude and 51 * 36’24” East.

Due to its favorable position the Harbor is well sheltered from the Southeastern winds in winter time & North winds in summer time.

The Western and Eastern breakwaters serve as further protection and restriction of the waves of the sea for the mooring of ships at the jetty.

To enter the ships in the harbor of the Ersai base there is an access channel indicated by navigation buoys.

The total length of five berths is 872 meters, also integrated by Northern and Eastern mooring Dolphins.

The overall quayside length exceeds 1000m, divided into 5 jetties having different elevation for allowing the maximum operative flexibility. The present water depth is 5m but it can be increased up to 6m in case of necessity. The harbor is protected by a breakwater made of rock blocks creating a sheltered basin with an extension of about 350,000 sqm and it is reachable by means of a dedicated access channel 1.5km long having the same water.

The mooring capacity is ensured by 50t bollards placed all along the quayside with a spacing of 20m. The back quay area is made of stabilized soil cement ground granting a bearing capacity up to 50t/sqm allowing the safe and fully operative use of all equipment.


  • Harbor area: 350,000 sq.m
  • Overall mooring capacity: 1,302 m
  • Distance to open sea: 1,600 m
  • Water min. depth: 4.5 m
  • Quayside and Jetties overall length: 872 m
  • Load-out jetty (J1-J2-J4): 616 m (of which, Heavy-load length 50 m)
  • Commercial jetty (J3): 223 m
  • RO-RO jetty (J5): 33 m
  • Soil bearing capacity: 50 mt/sq.m
  • Mooring dolphin: 430 m
  • Harbor tug-boat Caspian Seal: pull capacity 28 / HP 2,000



ERSAI Yard Harbor is also equipped with a Dry Dock having an opening of 65m. The dry dock is 140m long and 110m wide with a water depth of 6m. It can be opened and closed in few by using a floating gate.

  • Dimension: 140 x 110 c.m.
  • Dry dock bottom level: - 6.0 m (CD)
  • Dry-dock entrance-gate net span: 65 m
  • Dry Dock capacity : 15,000 t


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